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Advent Virtual Small Group Study - Wk 3


(Marlon Hall “Fully Human” video)

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We often forget about the goodness of our humanity. However this goodness is essential to how we were created as human beings (Gen.1: 31). For Marlon Hall, Curator at the Awakenings Movement, Advent is a reminder of this goodness that, if not forgotten, will move us to greater imagination about both our world and ourselves.

Questions for Reflection

1. How did Jesus show that being human is “good” and “valuable”?

2. Hall speaks about amnesia created by trauma in a person’s life.

What is the “trauma” that has caused us to forget about our humanness and goodness? How can we “waken from our amnesia” about our humanness?

How can waking up to this lead to a greater imagination about the world?

3. To the question, “What gives you hope?” Hall responds, “Dreamers…the

irrational, irreverent, scared, but certain — gene that some people seem to activate

when they open their mind[s] to hold what they love.”

How do these dreamers help us expand our imaginations toward the Kingdom?

Click on this link and listen to our Pastor's Reflection

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