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Ellen Alston Is Here!

Ellen Alston Website Banner.jpg

A Note From Pastor Ellen I write these words sitting in a coffeehouse in Shreveport, having just completed Annual Conference session, where Rev. Doug and Martie Cain have been honored at his retirement, and where my own almost 20-year-old son has been part of a young adult gathering to find ways to be and bring a new generation to discover and share what God is doing. I have just spent a couple of hours here with Rev. Rachel McConnell-Switzer, looking toward the coming weeks of worship as I prepare to join you for life and ministry together. For what has been, for what is, and for what will be, my heart is full.

These days we have been here in Shreveport, the Red River has been continuing to rise, hopefully at its crest. The scene has me thinking... A time of transition is in many ways an "overflow" time. Reflection on what has been, and pondering of what might yet be, both rise to fill our thoughts and feelings, and capture our attention in ways they may not in "normal" or less transitional times. In some ways, the passage of transition is a serious interruption and may seem to slow life down, as the folks inundated by the swollen Red River can surely describe! In other ways, transition marks a highly fertile time, where the best of all of us are called forth and respond with grace, compassion, wisdom, and purpose.

While I believe these dynamics can fit most any life transition, large or small, I am particularly focused on the change in which I am most involved right now - making my way from Monroe to Sulphur by the beginning of July. I invite you to join me in seeking to identify and speak into prayer those movements of reflection, gratitude and hope which are abundantly flowing at this time.

I am deeply thankful for the journey thus far. I am grateful for what I am coming to know of Henning Memorial United Methodist Church and for your strong mission and leadership both within and beyond your walls. I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of the adventure in Christ with you. I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing the road ahead. My cup overflows, Pastor Ellen

Rev Ellen & Son (Nathaniel Dauphin ).jpg

Reverend Ellen and her son, Nathaniel Dauphin

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