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Hanging Out at Young Ladies' Movie Night

Just about every Tuesday night, the young beauties of the church have a Young Ladies' Movie Night to look forward to. As a group of ladies dedicated to God and spending time with one another in the chaos of their busy lives, movie nights are filled with lots of hanging out, popcorn, and discussing things that come up in the feature film along the way.

They take turns hosting, so each night is a little different, and it's always exciting to see what the host of the evening has to offer. On past nights they've watched TV shows, played games, eaten dinner, and have even gone out to dinner occasionally. When they can't meet, they often text each other during the week with thoughts, prayer requests, or words of encouragement.

Young lady and Associate Pastor Rachel McConnell-Switzer shared with us, "Our last movie night was a blast! We watched a group favorite -- The Prince of Egypt. While watching, we were able to discuss some of the creative license the directors took with the story of Moses, how it looked similar and different than scripture, and the impact that had on the story itself. Of course, we just chatted and hung out together too. It was very relaxed, a fun way to keep in touch with each other during the week before we see each other Sunday morning at church."

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