December 23, 2016

Interrupted By Hope

(Parker Palmer “The Risk of Incarnation” video)

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Christmas is about God coming to us, not God in the abstract, but God in the human.
However, we often live lives that are so far away from our humanity, our difficulties and
struggles. Sociologist, Parker Palmer, wants to help us become born anew, anew in our
own selves, anew in God who has become embodied.

Questions for Reflection

1. Palmer starts the interview by saying, “…One of the most important words in the


December 21, 2016

Interrupted By Hope

(Rudy Rasmus “A Resurrected Christmas” video)

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Advent is not only about anticipating the return of the coming King, but it is also about
celebrating the birth of the “God with us,” Emmanuel. The presence of the living Christ
provides us hope that the world is filled with encounters of God’s resurrected hope.
Pastor, Rudy Rasmus, helps us to enter into the reality of this presence.

Questions for Reflection

1. What would it mean to have hope in the "king being already here"?

2. What...

December 14, 2016

Interrupted By Hope

(Marlon Hall “Fully Human” video)

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We often forget about the goodness of our humanity. However this goodness is essential to how we were created as human beings (Gen.1: 31). For Marlon Hall, Curator at the
Awakenings Movement, Advent is a reminder of this goodness that, if not forgotten, will
move us to greater imagination about both our world and ourselves.

Questions for Reflection

1. How did Jesus show that being human is “good” and “valuable”?

2. Hall speaks about amnesia cr...

December 7, 2016

Interrupted By Hope

(Richard Rohr “Going to the Depth of the Manger” video)

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Advent is scandalous because it breaks into the everyday of our lives. It is not a far away
event, but strikes at the very core of the mundane. It is about teen pregnancy,
immigration, infanticide, assassinations, and homelessness. Theologian, Richard Rohr,
helps us to see the gospel story in these particulars with which we are often

Questions for Reflection

1. Rohr responds to the question, “When you think ab...

November 30, 2016

The Work of the People
Turning Towards Advent

We have our plans, our time, and ideas about how this holiday season should work.
However, Advent changes all of that. The arrival of this season shifts our focus and gives
us a greater expectation than day-in-day-out living. Advent interrupts our schedule and
points us toward a new hope. It brings the blessing of an unplanned arrival. God seeks to
stir within us so we may turn our faces toward something new.
This is why Advent is the “new year” in the calenda...

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