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Young Adults

Rm. 204

If you are a young adult age 18-35, and would like to be a part of this group, this is the class for you.  Please contact the office for more  information.  {This is the text in the fall brochure, but I'm hoping we can come up with a more robust class description for this age group.} 

Grits & Grace 

Rm. 209

Grits and Grace is a great fit for adults seeking to learn and fellowship with Christ-minded people. Ranging from the first-time parent to the couple that just received their first AARP letter, the class' multi-generational element and open-minded vibe is a ripe environment for encouraging and thought-provoking  discussion and mentorship. It is known that the Grits and Grace family is a welcoming place for the first timer looking for a casual and comfortable place to learn and  connect.


Rm. 204


Sharing and Learning Together (S.A.L.T.) is for young adults 20-30ish. We will be learning about our faith, the Bible, and mission outreach in a relaxed, fun environment.

Upper Room

Rm. 220


This comprehensive 13-session, verse-by- verse, book-by-book study of the Bible uses a three-dimensional  approach. Each 13-session volume is based on the NIV translation.  Abingdon. 1. The study book helps students answer the question, "What does the Bible say?" 2. The meaning of the passage is made clear by considering such aspects as ancient customs, locations of places, and the meanings of words.  3. Students connect the meaning of the  Scripture with their own lives.  



Rm. 226


The Chrysalis Sunday School Class is designed for ladies interested in becoming gracious spirits with a strong  witness to Christ and a deep commitment to God.  {Need a little more meat here.} 



Rm. 205


You can call them “Single On Sunday,”  “Serving Our Savior,” or “Slower Older Smarter.”  They are the SOS Ladies!  Recent studies include the Dead Sea Scrolls and “The Harbinger."  Join them and experience the wonderful Christian Fellowship and Bible Studies of SOS.  The welcome mat is out!




Downstairs Conference Room


The "Seekers Class" is a group of seasoned men and women.  The class utilizes the Adult Bible Studies (Cokesbury) that is affirmed by the United Methodist Church. This is an excellent Bible study series that presents the Bible in a Wesleyan way, showing the wonderful tradition of the Bible with  applications to contemporary life today.  An older group currently  attends this class, but all adults are welcome. 




Rm. 201


This is an adult men’s class that currently contains 11 regular attendees (all senior men).  It is called Holy  Smokers because when the class was originally formed, some men smoked during Sunday school.  We decided to keep the traditional name though none of our current members smoke.  Anyway, no one is now allowed to smoke in the Church buildings.  We study the “Adult Bible Studies” by Cokesbury.  This is a discussion type class using the  material provided with a heavy emphasis on the scripture---what does it say what does it mean to us. We are serious about studying the  scripture and material however, we try to have fun doing it.  We welcome new members including younger men.


Sunday School classes meet from 9:15 to 10:15 in the time between Sunday's early morning and mid-morning worship services.  Henning welcomes all life stages and provides a family-friendly apporach to Christian education.  Explore what we have to offer to every age group below. 

Church Nursery
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